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People run away for lots of different reasons. Below are all of the things that people contact us about and might be reasons why you’re thinking of running away.

Remember, you can contact Runaway Helpline for free on 116 000. It’s free and confidential.

Abuse and Violence
Abuse and Violence links
Arguments links
Bullying links
Crime links
Being in care
Being in care links
Home and Family
Home and Family links
Emotions, Feelings and Mental Health
Emotions, Feelings and Mental Health links
Sexuality and Gender Identity
Sexuality and Gender Identity links
Sex and Sexual Health
Sex and Sexual Health links
Homelessness and Housing
Homelessness and Housing links
Physical Health or Health and Wellbeing
Physical Health or Health and Wellbeing links
Relationships links
School / College
School/College links
Safety links
Money links
Gangs links
I’m not from the UK
I’m not from the UK links

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