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What you need to know about "Death and bereavement"

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Death & bereavement

Losing someone that you love can be really hard and you may experience a number of emotions which you may not have felt before. These emotions could be anger, sadness or denial. Some young people might not feel anything at all. This is called grieving or mourning, and there is no right or wrong way to feel it, and no right or wrong length of time for it to last. Grieving is a personal process that is different for everyone.

If you were very close to the person you lost, it can be very difficult to function in everyday life without constant reminders of them. This can make it very difficult for some people to stay in a familiar place with all these reminders around them, and can make them want to run away. There are many other reasons surrounding death that could make you want to run away. Maybe you are struggling with part of the grieving process and feel too guilty or angry to stay? Maybe you are overwhelmed and feel like you can’t cope with everyday life or functioning normally with them gone?

Whatever it is, it’s ok to be having those feelings. You just need to make sure that you remain safe if you do really need to be away. Another thing to consider is to let your loved ones know that you are safe and ok, because they have just lost someone too and will find it even more difficult to cope with worrying about you disappearing on top of that.

You can send a message home through Runaway Helpline by calling 116 000, without having to communicate with your loved ones or tell them where you are.

There is lots of help out there for people struggling with loss – there are helplines, self-help books, counsellors, and other therapy options. With so many options, you are likely to find one that works for you, and be able to find new ways to cope with your loss.

Death & bereavement

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