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What you need to know about "Stress"

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Stress is when life events or situations cause feelings of strain, pressure, distress, anxiety, or even physical effects such as tiredness, headaches, and stomach problems.

Stress can be brought on by lots of different things; it may be school pressures like exams or difficulty fitting in, it could be stresses at home such as arguments with parents or carers, or having unstable living conditions. Stress is your own personal reaction to a situation you are in, so it really could be about anything – even lots of little things put together can feel like a big stressful problem when it all builds up. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the problem might seem, if it’s making you feel stressed, it’s important.



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Sometimes, when the stress starts to make it difficult to cope, running away may feel like a good idea. However, as overpowering as stress can feel, it’s important to remember that there are options other than running away, and there are organisations that can help you to find a different solution to your situation.

If you’re feeling so stressed that it feels like running away is the best option, remember you can call Runaway Helpline day or night. You can call us if you’ve already left home or if you’re just thinking about it.

Are you thinking of running away because you have been affected by Stress?
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