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What you need to know about "Harassment"

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Harassment is when someone is bothering you or causing you trouble and won’t leave you alone. Harassment can be very annoying or even quite scary, regardless of who is doing it and what they are doing. Harassment can happen in many different ways – it can be something like someone calling you again and again when you don’t want them to, or they may keep turning up to see you even when you tell them not to, or stalking you. They may be harassing you in different ways – they might be aggressively verbally insulting you, physically harassing you or sexually harassing you which means that even though you have said no to them that they keep trying to make you do things you don’t want to do or making comments of a sexual nature.

Harassment is a criminal offence, which means that you can go to the police about it, or you can tell an adult like a teacher or guardian. Keep a record of any phone calls made by the person harassing you, and any texts or PMs they may have sent you, as this could help the police to see what has been going on.

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