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What you need to know about "Learning difficulties"

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Learning difficulties

A learning difficulty is when someone can struggle to absorb and process new information, cope independently, or learn new skills. There are many types of learning difficulties, all of which mean that the person struggles with different things, which could impact their academic learning or their social or personal development.

Although learning difficulties are not mental illnesses, people with learning difficulties are more likely to struggle with mental health problems, such as anxiety. This can make it challenging to deal with or process every-day life, and especially any conflict or other stresses on top. If you have a learning difficulty, situations in life may appear unmanageable and cause you to want to run away.

If you feel like running away there may be some help available for what is bothering you, or to help you to feel better. With learning difficulties it is sometimes difficult to stop and think about what will happen if we do things like running away, but if you do run away for whatever reason, there is still help available to you – you can call Runaway Helpline on 116 000 to talk through your thoughts and feelings and figure out what is best for you to do next.

Learning difficulties

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