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What you need to know about "Committing a crime"

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Committing a crime

Committing a crime means that you have done something that is against the law – if you do illegal things and then regret it, it can be a scary situation to be in. It might be that you were forced to commit a crime by someone else, or you might have chosen to do it yourself, or maybe you didn’t realise what you were doing was wrong until afterwards.

It can feel like the easiest thing to do in this situation is to run away. Depending what the crime is, to come clean and tell someone might not be as scary as you think. If you keep it to yourself you could become very worried not knowing what is going to happen and if you are going to get caught. If you speak to someone for advice about how to handle what you did, you could end up feeling a lot better and be able to sort it out without running from your problem.

Committing a crime
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