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What you need to know about "Abortion"

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If you get pregnant but can’t have the baby for whatever reason, you can go to a clinic and they can end the pregnancy. This is called abortion.

Abortion is something that people have lots of different thoughts and feelings about, and choosing to have one can be a very difficult decision to make. If you are going to have an abortion, it is very important that it is your choice – it is totally up to you. It is also ok for you to change your mind right up to when you have the abortion and choose to keep the baby if you want to – there is help available for young mothers.

If you are the father and you want to have an abortion but the mother does not, then this can be a difficult situation to be in. It is understandable that you would want input in the decision because of course, the decision will affect you. You can talk it through with the mum, but respecting her right to make decisions over what happens to her body is really is important.

If she wants an abortion but you do not, then the same applies, and can be just as tough to cope with. If you are finding it difficult to talk to the mother about how you feel, or struggling with the decision that has been made, there are people who you can talk things through with and get emotional support from.

If you have already had an abortion, the emotions you have can be very difficult to deal with. If you need to talk to someone who you know will not judge you then you could ask your GP for counselling, or you can call a helpline. If you feel like you are able to talk to a friend or family member who will be supportive about what you have gone through, then it could be a good idea for you to have someone who knows you and understands everything that is happening for you right now.

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