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What you need to know about "Self-harm"

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Self-harming may mean that you cut, scratch, burn or cause yourself other types of physical pain. The reasons why people self-harm can be very personal. Some people might use self-harm as a way to deal with emotions that are too difficult to cope with, or as a way to release anger or tension. It can be a way to deal with a physical pain rather than an emotional pain. For some, self-harming can become very addictive and they may risk hurting themselves badly.

Self-harm can give a momentary feeling of relief to whatever problems have driven you to do it, but this probably doesn’t last very long. Self-harm can cause long-lasting problems, from possible permanent scarring that will last into your adult-life, to risk of infections or even damage to major blood vessels which could result in a dangerous loss of blood and can even be fatal. If you feel like you can’t stop harming, seek advice on how to do it as safely as possible to minimise risks.

When you feel ready to, it could help to consider what it is that’s causing these feelings of wanting to hurt yourself. Try talking to a trusted family member or friend about your feelings and experiences for personal support, or if you are unable to do this and receive the right support, contact a professional like a doctor for help in your recovery.


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