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Edward’s Story

Edward was living at home and was about 14 years old. He had done something his parents didn’t like and was grounded. Initially it was for a few months; but Edward struggled with being cooped up during the school holidays. He was agitated and kept getting into trouble. Every time he did, the length of time was extended, to the point where he was grounded for a whole year.

One day Edward’s friends came over and they ended up jumping over the back garden fence. He got on two random buses just to get away from home and stay off the radar. He specifically avoided the places he would normally go.

Edward ignored his parent’s when they were trying to contact him as he felt they would just yell and not listen. They always thought they were right and he didn’t get to have a say. His dad was really strict and had 2 older sons, whereas Edward was his mum’s first child. His mum always seemed to follow what his dad said rather than listening to Edward. Edward was struggling with his mental health, and his parent’s didn’t understand this, and didn’t appear to try to understand either.

While he was away Edward’s stayed at friend’s house. His friend’s parent’s called Edward’s parent’s to let them know he was safe. Edward didn’t go home until he felt his parent’s would listen; he wanted them to understand how he was feeling and what was going on for him.

Luckily when Edward did decide to go home his parent’s listened and his relationship with his mum improved.

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