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Call or text for free on 116000

I speak to my parent or carer

Sometimes when things are tough it’s good idea to speak to people who are close by, and often this is a parent or carer. It’s not unusual feel worried about what you want to tell them, or feel that they won’t understand, but sharing a problem can sometimes make it easier to deal with.

If you have a positive relationship with your parent or carer and feel safe talking to them, they may be able to help and support you with problems you’re having. There’s lots of ways they could react when you tell them what’s going on – they may be shocked, they might be worried, they might be concerned that you’ve been dealing with problems without them, or they might be happy that you’ve felt able to talk to them. Even if you don’t get the reaction you want, a lot of the time parents and carers will want to support you and may be able to support you in finding other kinds of help too.

If your relationship with your parent or carer isn’t so good, its best to think carefully about talking with them. We know that sometimes parents or carers can be the reason you want to leave, and if it’s likely to cause an argument, make you feel worse or possibly even unsafe, you could consider talking to another adult you trust, or someone like a teacher or youth worker you get on well with.

If you’re unsure about speaking with your parent or carer, or would like free and confidential support around running away, the Runaway Helpline are here for you. You can call or text on 116000, 24 hours a day. We’ll listen and not judge, we’d like to help you stay safe no matter what’s making you want to run away.

We hope what you see here helps. If you are feeling like running away or are away from home, we are here to listen.
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