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Call or text for free on 116000

What you need to know about "Physical safety"

Staying safe physically means making sure that you don’t get hurt or involved in any dangerous situations. To stay safe physically, there are a number of things you can do. You can avoid hanging out in areas that are known for being unsafe, such as areas you don’t know – especially at night. Any dark area is generally not very safe, it’s best to try to avoid being out late at night, but if you have to then try not to be alone, and try to stay in well-lit busier places. Also avoid meeting people who you or your parents/guardians don’t trust, or people who you know are involved in unsafe activities or situations, such as gangs, drugs, underage drinking, or inappropriate relationships with much older people. Be careful about going to places with people where you could be trapped, or not easily get help if needed.

If you or your friends get into unsafe situations, you can call Runaway Helpline for free, at any time of the day or night on 116 000. You can also call the Police at any time.

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