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What you need to know about "Arguments with friends"

Arguing with friends can be hurtful – things are said that maybe the other person didn’t really mean because they were upset or angry. Even though someone is your friend, it doesn’t mean that you will get on all the time and agree on everything. Sometimes things happen that can cause arguments like if you are both interested in the same boy or girl, or jealousy over spending more time with other friends.

Friends can be a big part of people’s lives, and what they think about us can feel like it really matters. Sometimes arguments are over small things or misunderstandings, and other times they are about big important things. Whatever the argument is about, it can feel like a big deal.

If you are arguing all the time with a friend and they are unkind to you a lot and upset you more than they should, it may be that your friend is bullying you. If this is the case then it is best to think about whether you do want this person as a friend in your life – do they make you happy, and is it worth all the sad times they are bringing you?

If you think that your friend is bullying you, talk to them about it to see if you can fix the problems yourselves, because it may just be a misunderstanding. If this does not work, then seek the help of a trusted adult or an organisation that can advise and support you through it.

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