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We know that sometimes it can be difficult to pick up the phone and speak to someone about how you’re feeling. Wanting to run away from home can be difficult to put into words and some people might find it easier to write it in a message.

At the Runaway Helpline we do already support people through text or email but for the first time we will be able to stay with you on a Chat and have a full conversation about what’s going on for you and how you’re feeling. You won’t have to wait for our response because we’ll be right there with you.


Click the ‘Chat with us’ box to get started.

We’ve listened to what young people want and created a service with your needs in mind, where you can get all the support you need from us in a way that’s comfortable for you – in an instant messenger chat.
1-2-1 Chat is here if you are thinking about running away, if you have already run away, or if you have been away and come back. You can also chat with us if you are worried that someone else is going to run away or if they are being treated badly or abused.
Our staff and volunteers are trained professionals who want to help you through anything you are finding tough.
You might be feeling that nobody is listening to you or taking you seriously. Maybe you are feeling scared or sad and you don’t know what to do. We can help by listening and talking things through with you. We can go through your options and help you decide what to do next.

We’re open every day from 2:30-9:00pm and you can access 1-2-1 Chat support here, just look for the little pink button in the bottom corner saying “Chat with us.”
1-2-1 Chat support is brilliant for young people because:
• It’s completely private – No one around you can hear what you tell us and you can chat to us anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet connection. We will keep what you tell us confidential.
• You can stay anonymous – We won’t know who you are unless you decide to tell us. You can give us a nickname instead of your real name and we won’t even be able to hear your voice!
• There’s no pressure – The conversation can go at your pace and there won’t be someone at the other end of a phone expecting you to answer straightaway. You can take your time and think about what you want to tell us.

Are you thinking of running away because you have been affected by using our support services?
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