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Nicole’s Story

Nicole's story

“About a month ago I ran away. I was really struggling at home because I was being abused.

It started when me and my Grandma (who I lived with) were having an argument. It was a stupid argument over where to put some lego. It then turned into a fight when she hit me. She also called me horrible names. That’s when I walked out.

I took my bag and a blanket with me. I went and slept under a hidden bridge. In the early hours of the morning the police woke me. They took me to the police station and I slept there.

In the morning the police interviewed me and asked me why I walked out. They then rang social services and I am now in foster care.

I am much happier now and I feel a lot better.”

If you are going through something similar to Nicole, or something else is making you want to run away, we can help. You can call us or text us on 116 000. It’s free and confidential. We won’t judge or tell you what to do. It’s your call.

Nicole's story
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