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Mark’s Story

“I went to stay with a friend when I got kicked out of home but when I got a text from Runaway Helpline about being missing, I didn’t want him to get him in trouble.

Because it was Runaway Helpline who texted me, not the police, I felt ok calling them back to tell them I was fine and I was going home.

I wasn’t sure about speaking to the police but they said I should tell them I was safe and I didn’t want them to keep looking for me – and I wanted to be the one to deal with it, not my mum.

The police took my details but just in case they needed to get hold of me again. And the guy from Runaway Helpline stayed on the phone the whole time to make sure everything was okay.

They said I could ring again if I wanted. I’m pretty sure I would if I needed to.”

This is a real story but some of the details have been changed including Mark’s name

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