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Human rights are the basic standards that people need to live in dignity. All human beings are entitled to enjoy human rights. They exist to make sure we are treated properly and fairly, and given the freedom to develop to our full potential.

A lot of people don’t know that children have special rights on top of these human rights. Children need more protection than most adults. If you are under 18, then you are considered to be a child with those added rights. All these rights are set out in an international document  called the United Nations Convention of the Rights of a Child  (UNCRC). The UK government has promised to make sure every child in the UK has these rights. :

  • You have the right to be safe, living free of fear and abuse and protected from violence, exploitation and neglect.
  • You have the right to be heard, have your views respected and have your best interests considered at all times. You must be given the chance to express your opinion when decisions are made that affect you. The government has to make sure your opinions are taken into account by the people making the decision.

You have lots of other rights, too, like your right to education and health services.

At Runaway Helpline we believe that you have a right to anonymity (this means that you don’t have to give us your name when you contact us, or tell us where you are or where you live). We will keep your contact with us confidential (this means we try to keep it between you and Runaway Helpline) unless we think you are at risk of serious harm. That said, if you tell us your name you won’t be anonymous, and if we know where you are, we might have to talk to a manager at Runaway Helpline about getting you help to make you safe.

We will always try to talk to you about our concerns for you and explain any actions we take because we believe you have a right to know about anything that affects you.

Rights of the Child

Know Your Rights
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