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Will they be angry if I go home?

We hope what you see here helps.  If you are feeling like running away or are away from home, we are here to listen.

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We speak to lots of family members and carers when they are worrying about someone who has run away and is missing. They tell us they feel lots of emotions – from anger and fear to frustration – but the strongest feeling is usually worry. They want you to be safe and ok.

If you’re worried about how they feel and you don’t dare go home before you know how they’ll react, you could try and ask them if it is ok to come home. If you want help asking, Runaway Helpline can pass a message for you or help you on a Three Way Call to see if you are welcome back.

If you make contact or go back home, there will probably be lots of emotions for everyone. Relief will probably be one but it’s possible that frustration or anger may still be felt.

These times can be hard and might make you want to leave again. Lots of adults tell us that they were worried that they might say something to make the person leave again. Running away again usually won’t solve the problems that are still there.

If people are still feeling angry because you were away – because of your behaviour or what you have been doing – it is good for you to know. It’s not to make you feel guilty, but at least you know what you are having to deal with.

It can help to talk or write down how it feels for you and how they are making you feel. If they take actions like taking your things away from you or making tighter rules for you to make you stay in, try and explain how it makes you feel.

If you need help from Runaway Helpline to open up and explain things, we are here for free and in confidence on 116 000.

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