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Why the police want to check that you are ok

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If you have been reported to the police as a missing person, this means that someone believes you are away from home and they are worried that you may not be safe.

If you are under 18 and away from home and the people who usually look after you, there are lots of situations that may not be safe for you. The police will need to see you and speak to you to make sure you are safe and well. If it is safe for you where you usually live, they will want to bring you back home. If home isn’t safe for you, it’s important to tell the police why it’s not safe for you to go back.

If you call Runaway Helpline, we will not make you go home. We can help you to explain your situation to the police and why you don’t feel safe where you live.

The police need to see you and speak to you to make sure you are safe and well before they can take you off their list of missing people. Until they are sure that you are safe, they will keep looking for you.

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