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Nobody understands me

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At one time or another most of us have done that long walk up the stairs to our room after an argument or when we’ve tried to talk with someone we have found they’ve just not listened. It is normal to feel like nobody understands you sometimes. Really, the only person who understands you is YOU.

Feeling like nobody ‘gets it’ can be annoying and make you feel alone. It can be easy to say that parents, carers, family members or friends all have their own problems, but when you’ve tried to talk to them about what is affecting you and no one seems to care, it’s a hard place to be in.

An important thing to remember is that it is ok to feel however you are feeling – we are all different and that is ok. Sometimes, we feel like nobody understands, especially if we can’t find anyone who is like us or who has had a similar problem. Even if others have gone through the same problem, it doesn’t mean that they have experienced it or dealt with it in the same way.

It can be hard when your friends, parents or a social or care worker just don’t get it. Try explaining what’s happening and how it makes you feel and remember that they don’t know what is happening in your head unless you tell them. One of the most important things when you want someone to understand is to tell them what you need, like some space or just to listen to you.

If you can’t find someone who will listen, you could try finding an organisation who understands your problem. Maybe try searching online using the word which best describes your problem or how you are feeling. There might be a helpline or a place you can go for advice about your particular problem. We know it can be easier said than done, but try not to bottle everything up and think no one cares. There is help and advice out there and by being here on this website you have made a good start.

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