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I don’t know how long I can stay here

We hope what you see here helps.  If you are feeling like running away or are away from home, we are here to listen.

Call or Text 116 000. For free and in confidence.

Maybe you’ve been staying with friends or with a friend’s family but it was only a temporary arrangement and you know you can’t stay there for much longer. Or maybe wherever you are, things are happening to make you feel unhappy or unsafe and you don’t know how long you can bear it.

We know that when you’re away, you can find yourself in lots of situations where the future looks uncertain and you know that soon you may have to leave.

It’s good to call Runaway Helpline on 116 000 to try to work out what to do next and where to go. We can help to talk through what’s happening with you and go through your options so you can decide what’s safest and best for you to do.

Are you thinking of running away because you have been affected by I don’t know how long I can stay here?
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