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We all need help at times. Most of us are ready to help our friends and family who need us. In fact, if you can remember the last time someone asked you for help, you’ll probably remember being pleased they asked!! So why then is it so hard sometimes to ask someone to help us? Maybe it’s because we want to be strong, to cope, to fight our own battles and be proud. Maybe it’s because we worry that when we tell someone we need help they will laugh, not understand or not know what to do. It can make you feel vulnerable to tell someone a problem.

Making the first step of telling someone you need help is often the hardest step to make. But most people find that once they have done this, it just gets easier. In fact, you can wonder why it took you so long. We are here 24/7 if you want us to help. We won’t laugh. We won’t judge. We will listen. We will try to find you some answers. So, please do get in touch. By reading this, you’ve already made the first step.

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