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I can’t take it any more

We hope what you see here helps.  If you are feeling like running away or are away from home, we are here to listen.

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At times nearly everyone feels like they’ve had enough; had enough of school, of where they live, of their family or friends and even of life sometimes. Things can get on top of you and just pile up. It can make you feel like wanting to get some space or have a breather, just wanting to get away from everything.

Perhaps you are thinking of running away, taking some time away. Perhaps you even feel that things are so bad that you would consider hurting yourself. Whilst it’s normal to have these feelings, it’s not a nice way to feel at all. It can be a lonely and a scary place. We think it’s really important that you know you can reach out for help.

Talking to someone else often helps. Talking about problems and the darkest feelings you have can make you feel lighter and more able to cope. We are here around the clock if you are able to pick up the phone, or email or text us. Please don’t worry on your own. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

Sometimes you know what kind of help you need; maybe it’s practical help, like help to get home or medical help. You might need to speak to your social worker, a parent or carer, but don’t have enough credit on your phone. You can ask Runaway Helpline to help you by sending a message for you or by arranging a Three Way Call. On a Three Way Call, Runaway Helpline connects you to a third person, like a police officer, but we stay on the line with you. We can hear what you say and what the other person says, but we won’t interrupt or tell them anything you don’t want us to share. Your call can’t be traced because you called us first. You can ask them if you’ve been reported missing, but it’s also an opportunity to tell them why you left and ask them what might happen next.

There can be times when you need help and you don’t know what kind of help you need. Those times can feel scary and lonely. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by your situation, maybe the emotions you’re feeling are making you scared and confused. Sometimes strong emotion can be difficult to deal with alone. Sometimes it can help to talk things through with someone outside the situation, just to work out what would help.

At Runaway Helpline we will always listen. We will never judge. We want to help you stay safe and get the right help – the right help for you – no matter what your situation is. We can help you work that out.

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