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Because running away is what I do

We hope what you see here helps.  If you are feeling like running away or are away from home, we are here to listen.

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We speak to lots of young people who are away from home a lot. Some mean to run away and stay away from home and then others just stay out longer than they’re supposed to or would rather be somewhere else.

Getting some space for yourself and problems at home or school can be a good thing if it feels like everything is just getting too much.

Living with adults who have rules and curfews can be tough. Some people break curfews on purpose, while others just forget to get back in time.

If you have to live with someone you don’t want to or in an area or house you don’t like, it can feel easier to not be there.

We know that being with friends, being in a relationship, going to parties, enjoying yourself and relaxing is all part of being young and free. Sometimes, what you want to do and what feels fun, isn’t what adults around you want you to do.

Some people feel that being away from home helps them feel in control and allows the to make their own decisions. The reality is though, that the adults in your life may worry about you, particularly if you are in dangerous situations, not sleeping somewhere safe or with people who aren’t good for you.

If you often leave home and people keep reporting you missing, this might end up affecting you in ways you weren’t expecting.

Some people tell us that this means their friends won’t talk to them any more because the Police keep turning up, or that their parents or social worker get more strict about curfews or take away their mobiles.

It’s hard when adults make decisions for you or keep telling you what you have to do. If you try to explain why you can’t be at home or what you would like to be different, maybe things could change.

We know that talking isn’t always easy. You might feel that no one cares or understands, but we’re here as a start to listen, to hear you and to help you.

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