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I want to run away

If you’re thinking of leaving, it’s likely that something difficult is going on in your life, and you may be unsure of where you can go to for help. We all need help at times, and while it can be really scary to reach out, asking for help can often be the first step towards things getting better.

If you’re thinking of leaving because it’s dangerous to remain where you’re staying, it’s important to speak with someone who can help keep you safe. If you’re in immediate danger it’s always best to call 999. And if you’re not in immediate danger but still feel you’re at risk, it’s best to speak with social services or the police to let them know what’s going on for you as they have a duty to protect you and ensure you’re free from harm.

If you’re struggling but you’re not in immediate danger, sometimes it might be easiest to start by talking to someone you already know. This might be an adult you can trust like a parent or carer, a teacher you like, or a relative who you’re close to. Talking to them about what’s going on for you might help you identify another solution you hadn’t thought of, or they may be able to help you access another kind of support. If this seems daunting, it sometimes helps to write down what you’re experiencing, or if you’ve already told someone in your life like a close friend you could see whether they’d be able to support you while you explain what’s going on.

In other circumstances you may prefer to speak to someone who’s separate from your situation. Whatever you’re experiencing, it’s likely that there’s already help available for you to access. Different organisations exist for different issues, and it may be that you can get support for a situation without having to leave where you’re living or run away.

If you’re unsure about what to do, where to go for help, or need someone to speak to about leaving, Runaway Helpline are here for you to talk to confidentially on 116000. You can call or text for free and we will listen and not judge. We want to help you to stay safe and can support you in your situation.

Spotting the signs
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