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Race discrimination is when you are treated badly or unfairly because of where you are from, what your skin colour is, or because of your culture. You should never have to put up with racism or discrimination. If it happens at work or training, at school or college, in places that provide goods and services like shops, banks, entertainment places, or in activities carried out by public authorities like police, government, NHS, etc. then you can take legal action against them.

For help with this you could go to your citizen’s advice bureau or the Police. More information can also be found online so you can look up what other people have experienced and how they were able to take action against it.

Being treated badly because of who you are can also make you feel bad – this could be feeling things like anger, frustration and sadness. It may help to talk to someone about your feelings, and the effect any discrimination is having on you.

Spotting the signs
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