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Feeling low or depressed

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Feeling low or sad is a completely normal part of life – everyone goes through things that make it difficult to stay positive or happy. If these feelings continue for a long time or are maybe getting worse, it could be that you are depressed.

These days people use the word depression very lightly, as if it just another word for sad, but really being depressed is a bit more serious than that. Depression is counted as a mental health problem and more people experience depression than you might think. If you are depressed it might mean that you could need some help and support to get better though, for example going to your GP and asking what your options are. It may be that you need anti-depressants, or that your GP suggests counselling if the depression is being caused by some problems you have had.

Depression can cause feelings of loneliness or not being understood by the people around you – if you feel like this, it can be easy to think that maybe things would be better if you aren’t there, or that you would be better off somewhere else. These thoughts and feelings might make someone think about running away, but if you run away you might not get the help you need to stop feeling depressed. If your depression is caused by where you live or something that is going on, you could talk to a social worker about a safe way of changing your situation. If your home life is ok and you are safe there, it may be a good option to call a helpline and talk through your feelings with someone who will not judge you and who is away from your situation to give yourself some thinking space and a chance to work through how you feel and what you want to do about it.

Spotting the signs
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