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Exam stress is stress caused by the pressures around your exams. Some people find themselves under a lot of expectation from their family, teachers, peers, or even from themselves. A lot of importance is put on exams like GCSEs and A Levels, as they are seen as having a big part in defining your future. The stress caused by this can make it hard to function, making it hard to sleep or concentrate on work or even causing feelings of physical illness.

Some students suffer so badly with stress that they would rather run away than face taking their exams. If you are able to attend the exam you are giving yourself opportunity to succeed. There are ways other than running away to deal with exam stress; you can reach out for support in a variety of ways, including talking to someone about it and seeking medical help if the stress has caused anxiety or depression. Although a lot of importance is put on exams, your mental health and emotional wellbeing is also important.

Spotting the signs
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