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“If somebody calls up and they said that they were running away because of arguments that they’ve been having, that’s a call we do get quite a lot.

The first thing we’d probably do is to talk through, you know, what have the arguments been about? Who have the arguments been with? Has it  been going on for a long time or is it quite recent… just trying to understand the situation and to give the person that’s calling time to just kind of reflect on what’s been going on and why they feel they have to run away because of the arguments.

Also, if these arguments, there are arguments happening at home is it making them feel unsafe at home, you know arguments can be scary and you know you could have an argument with a friend that can make you very upset and want to leave home, you could have an argument with a member of your family and it makes you feel very scared so there’s lots of different things and it’s important for us to give a caller time to talk through and help us understand that situation, help them understand the situation as well because talking through with someone outside the situation helps us understand what’s going on.”

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